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January 2012

Hope’s Top Ten Essential Pieces of Jewelry for Every Woman

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Marilyn Monroe famously said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. She was right, but she also should have mentioned that pearls, gold, and gemstones are all of utmost importance.

We’ve already looked at Hope’s Top Ten Essentials for Every Woman’s Wardrobe, and now it’s time we talk accessories. That’s right, ladies, there are several pieces of jewelry that are absolute essentials. While I’m a big believer in all things authentic, I fully recognize that not every budget can afford real, so work with what you can.

Number one on my list of top ten essential pieces of jewelry for every woman?

Hoop Earrings!

Hoop earrings are so versatile — smaller hoop earrings wear well to work, and large hoop earrings make for a playful after-hours accessory. Depending on your preference, your hoop earrings may be silver or gold, and whatever the case, just make sure they’re part of your jewelry collection.

Check my choices for hoop earrings, priced low to high:


  • Peoples Jewellers 14K White Gold Hoop Earrings: With a diamond-cut finish, these hoop earrings from Peoples Jewellers are affordably priced at $89.99. With a hinged closure, and a moderate size (17 x 19mm), these earrings won’t do serious damage to your budget. ($89.99, Peoples Jewellers)
  • Ippolita Wavy Rose Gold Hoop Earrings: Launched in 1999, Ippolita’s jewelry line is simplistic and entirely elegant. Take these large hoop earrings for example. 18-karat yellow gold plated with beautiful 18-karat rose gold, and an sculptural shape make these mid-priced earrings very appealing. ($395, Neiman Marcus)
  • Gurhan Spring Drop Hoop Earrings: Renowned Turkish jewelry designer Gurhan Orhan is a master when it comes to pure gold designs. These hand-hammered 24-karat yellow gold hoop earrings feature teardrop shapes that are truly unique. Each Gurhan piece is numbered and signed by the artist. ($3120, Neiman Marcus)
Stay tuned tomorrow for number two on my top ten essentials for your jewelry box!


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