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February 2012

Hope’s Top Ten Essential Pieces of Jewelry for Every Woman: The Chain Necklace

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Whether silver or gold, a chain necklace is a simple piece of jewelry that is surprisingly versatile. Worn alone, personalized with a charm that has sentimental meaning, or layered with other necklaces, a chain necklace acts as an assist when accoutering your look. So many ways to wear it, the chain necklace is one of my top ten essential pieces of jewelry for every woman.

Check these choice for classic chain necklace, priced high to low:


  • 14K gold tri-tone gold rope chain necklace: I love the three-colour design of this gorgeous rope chain necklace from Peoples. The perfect princess length, these diamond-cut finished necklace features a claw closure. ($999, Peoples)
  • 18K rose gold chain: Rose gold is fresh, and it makes for a style that’s more contemporary than classic, which is ideal for women in today’s world. This 16-inch long rose gold chain is dainty and delicate, and wears well alone or finished with a charm or pendant. ($185CDN, Tiffany & Co.)
  • 10K yellow gold Singapore chain necklace: What’s a Singapore chain, you ask? A Signapore chain features a design made up of flat, intertwined concentric loops. It’s not your basic chain. This 10K yellow gold necklace features a spring ring closure and is 16 inches in length. Coming in well under budget, it’s a worthy purchase. (about $60CDN, Overstock.com)
For those of you wondering what the difference means in karats of gold, karat weight of gold is measured by the metal’s purity. 24 karat gold is the most pure type of gold, with numbers decreasing from there.


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