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September 2010

Hope Hearts: Grey Tights for Fall

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I know, it’s terrible; we’ve hardly even touched September, and yours truly is already dreaming of dull Fall days filled with ominous skies and rolling dark clouds. I just can’t help myself.

It’s especially a difficult task not to wish cool temperatures and brisk winds when you see J.Crew’s fabulous selection of tights for Fall 2010. That exquisite made in Italy quality, and all their delightful motifs for this autumn season — I’m stocking up now and you should, too!

One thing I absolutely love about the accessories lineup at J.Crew — as if there’s only one, ha! — is the pricing. J.Crew tights cost, on average, about $24. Think even that’s expensive? Consider this: One pair of tights from a big brand name like Falke or Wolford will run you about $120. Reality check, people. The Every Girl isn’t about to spend that much cash on an item she might get three to four wears out of in one season. It’s just not realistic. And so, I present to you my top 3 pairs of J.Crew tights in the basic but beautiful grey (designer colour: Heather carbon).

First, we’ve got classic, no frills, wear-with-everything, super stretchy tights. They fit perfect and won’t misshape. Then, there are these J.Crew herringbone tights in heather carbon. I love how even such a subtle texture will add depth to any ensemble. Finally, leg-lengthening long ribbing makes these J.Crew wool-blend tights a worthy wardrobe accoutrement. The urban grey colour is a definite must, and I’m picking up these gems in dark charcoal, too. You can’t go wrong with ribbing, and when you’re wearing shorts or a mini skirt, these tights will add instant height to your frame.

Heather Carbon Tights, $24.50, J.Crew

Herringbone Tights, $22.50, J.Crew

Wool-blend Ribbed Tights, $26.50, J.Crew

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