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July 2010

Spotlight On: Markus Lupfer

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Markus Lupfer has won several awards for his ground-breaking work with textures and fabrics. Perhaps most recognized for the graphic embellishments he uses in his designs, Lupfer’s print emrboidery shirts and dresses have established him with quite the cult of celebrity fans (Daisy Lowe and Lily Allen just to name two).

My favourites from his striking sequined sheaths? See above. What’s not to love about the designer’s ‘Oh You Pretty Thing’ sequin embellished merino wool sweater, ‘Classic’ appliqué scoop-neck jersey dress, and ‘Luxe’ embellished cotton t-shirt? Markus Lupfer covers the gamut of my favourite girly slogans, and though I’ve never been one to style too much graphic anything, there’s a soft spot in my heart for these dresses, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Ranging in price from 160 to 380, some may find Markus Lupfer clothing to be more pricey than practical, but regardless, the black-and-white heavy designs are certainly nice to look at.


Available at Asos

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