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January 2017

5 Ways to Lighten Up Your Home this Year

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If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I’m a huge fan of white. I love white. White kitchens, white bathrooms, white furniture; you name it, I love all things neutral. Creating a home filled with neutrals can be difficult, — especially if you have animals or small children, — so today I’m sharing 5 ways to lighten up your home this year. There are many ways to lighten up and brighten up your home!

1. Brighten up with some flowers. I love flowers, and as tradition would have it, Wes brings me home a beautiful, fresh bouquet each Friday. Even if you don’t have a whole bouquet of flowers, a single flower can add a pop of colour and brighten up your space.

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2. Let the light in. Lightening up your home can be as simple as opening the blinds and letting some natural light in. Fan of heavy drapery? During the daylight hours, opening blinds or drapes can go a long way in letting light in and brightening up your space. Looking to hang drapery in your home this year? Here’s a tip: To make the room seem taller and more spacious, hang the curtain rods well above the window frame, right below ceiling level. You’ll add a whole lot of height to the room! This also helps let more light in when the drapes are open.

lighten up your home with drapes

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3. Clean off your kitchen counters. I don’t care what colour palate your kitchen is, cleaning off your kitchen counters is a great way to lighten up your home. Not only does de-cluttering make you feel good (great!), de-cluttering and cleaning off your countertops gives the illusion of more space and a clean space.

lighten up your home declutter your counters

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4. Incorporate some coloured cushions into your living space. You don’t have to spend a lot to lighten up your home; purchasing some coloured cushions (or cushion covers) to add to your living space is an easy way to brighten and lighten up your home! New to colour? A good rule of thumb is to start with a single hue. If you’re someone who’s comfortable with colour, select some pieces with contrast for a real burst of colour.

lighten up your home cushions

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5. Refresh your bedroom with new sheets. While Wes and I are big fans of white, pick your favourite colour and get some new sheets! New sheets can make a huge difference in lightening up your home. Since you sleep on them every night, I’d suggest investing in sheets that are high quality cotton (check out Gluckstein Home; Brian’s namesake brand makes theee most amazing sheets of life).

lighten up your home sheets

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It doesn’t have to be difficult to lighten up your home; whatever your colour scheme, whatever your style preference, following the suggestions above can kick start your year and brighten and lighten up your space! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more home and interior design inspiration!

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