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March 2017

For the Home | 9 Beautiful Conservatories to Inspire You

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Whether it’s my obsession with the board game Clue, or my childhood memories of sitting in my Grama’s “sunroom”, I’ve long had a fascination with conservatories (often known Stateside as “greenhouses”). Wes and I have often discussed our mutual love of conservatories, and how fascinating (and awesome!) it would be to have tropical-like plants blooming year-round in our home. Imagine, lemons and limes at your convenience, grown in your own home?

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a conservatory (or a greenhouse), a conservatory is a building or space that has a glass roof and walls that is used primarily as a greenhouse or sunroom space. Conservatories originated in the 16th century, when wealthy landowners wanted to grow their own citrus fruits.

If you’ve been following along on Pinterest, you know I’ve been pinning some beautiful conservatory spaces. Today I’m sharing 9 beautiful conservatories to get you inspired.

1. Classic and conservative. My first thought when I saw this attached conservatory was how much I like the idea of a conservatory with functional windows. Quite often if you’re looking at a conservatory or greenhouse as an extension of the home, functional windows aren’t an option. I feel like having windows that open would make a conservatory feel more like a sunroom. Love!

conservatory greenhouse

img src Design Chic


2. Shabby chic. First of all, any room with a gorgeous chandelier is a ‘yes’ in my opinion. The fact that this chandelier is centred under a glass ceiling with white walls, beautiful blooms, and an area for entertaining makes this conservatory space all the more appealing.

conservatory conservatories

img src Stylish Eve


3. Bricks ‘n mortar conservatory. Looking more like an extension of a royal palace, this conservatory is quite literally made from bricks and mortar. With a chimney accent and no detail spared, I can only imagine the how beautiful the rest of this residence is. There’s something about greenery surrounding a traditional build that appeals to me. This conservatory is large, which suits the strong materials with which its built.

conservatory conservatories

img src Bloglovin’


4. Extended living area. Even if you don’t use your conservatory for growing greenery, a conservatory can still be a very practical part of a home. Think of it as an extended living area, a covered porch, or a screened-in sunroom. I love how this connected home even has a fireplace as part of one of the conservatory spaces.

conservatory conservatories

img src Marston-and-Langinger


5. Exquisite addition. Definitely more traditional in taste (and by the photo obviously being used for the traditional purpose a conservatory was meant for), this space features many intricate details. From the beveled glass to glass cupola, this greenhouse is certainly a conversation-starter.

conservatory conservatories

img src DIY and Crafts Magazine


6. Screened-in living. What I love about this conservatory is that it opens up to reveal a beautiful outdoor living area, which really makes the conservatory more of an extension of the home. The fact that its finished in a classic cream colour with matching muntin bars in all the windows (including the eyebrows) really adds to the appeal and interest of this space.

conservatory conservatories

img src Gortonromeo.com


7. Sweet escape. Not all conservatories have to be attached to the home. This double greenhouse area is separated by a small concrete patio some picturesque green surroundings. I love the accent lighting inside the conservatory for twilight viewing. I can imagine this would be an ideal space for star gazing as well!

conservatory conservatories

img src Sweethomeandgarden.tumblr


8. Mudroom conservatory. A transition space between a garage and a home, this conservatory acts more like a mudroom than a practical plant-growing space, and I like it! The french doors and all-glass ceiling provide lots of natural light to what could otherwise be a dark and uninteresting space.

conservatory conservatories

img src kimhuynh


9. The ideal conservatory. Again, there’s something about a greenhouse or conservatory space that’s not attached to the home that fuels a curiosity to see what’s inside. This space is designed almost like a garden cottage on the property. I love the all-white, and the simple garden patio area.

conservatory conservatories

img src thedesignersmuse.blogspot.com

If you’re looking for conservatory inspiration or greenhouse design ideas, check out my Pinterest For the Home board. I’m always pinning lots of dreamy ideas and inspired vignettes!

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