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February 2011

Moleskine 12-Month Planner Notebook

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Remember earlier this year when I gave you my top 5 suggestions to help you be and live your best? I wasn’t joking; those suggestions really came from my heart.

Considering the fact that we’re half-way through February and my schedule’s only getting more complex, I need a way to keep track of it all. If you’re anything like me, your BlackBerry is like your right hand, but it doesn’t always work the same wonders as a good ol’ fashioned daytimer. I’m no Hemingway, but a Moleskine notebook is a life-saver.

As evidenced by my intermittent website updates, 2011 is proving to be a hectic — albeit rewarding — experience. From an exciting radio stint to a second undergrad, there’s a lot going on in my little world. The perfect place to keep track of it all is in a classic Moleskine cardboard-bound, threadbound diary. Available in a plethora of colours, black has always been my favourite.

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