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January 2011

Beautiful or Bizarre? Recycling Clothing

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Can we talk for a second about how everyone else is talking about Kate Middleton wearing the same outfit multiple times?

Prince William’s soon-to-be wife Kate Middleton stepped out over the weekend for a wedding wearing the same Issa Spring/Summer 2007 dress that she wore in 2008 to Peter Phillips’ wedding. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. Really, it’s entirely normal and realistic for a person to get multiple uses out of the same item of clothing. And yet apparently it’s news when a celebrity does it.

Like her predecessor Princess Diana, Kate Middleton updated her existing wardrobe by adding a new coat, shoes, and hat. [That’s a practical tip for any of us; you can easily mix new and existing items in your closet for an instant, refreshing update.]

So is it bizarre that a woman in the public eye wears the same outfit multiple times? No. That’s beautiful. What’s bizarre is all the press the future princess is getting for wearing something from her wardrobe more than once.


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