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March 2011

Hot Hues for Spring ’11

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I’m constantly preaching the power of an anything-but-basic little black dress. And while that’s good and fine the entire year through, let’s face it: Sometimes a girl just needs to infuse a little colour into her life.

One thing I never cease to get excited about each Spring is colour. It’s almost as though new green leaves, fresh flower blooms, and blue skies permeate their way into our wardrobes, giving way to some seriously stylish opportunities. Now, to be real, there are certain colours that certain women should not wear, and I trust by this point that you understand what colours flatter your complexion, hair colour, and eye colour. A quick re-cap:


  • Fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes – You look divine in the brightest ocean blues and turquoise, and orange.
  • Fair complexion, blond hair, green or brown eyes – You look lovely in citrus-y yellows and bubble gum pinks.
  • Fair complexion, brown or black hair, brown eyes – You look fantastic in vibrant hues of blue, turquoise, and green, as well as orange.
  • Tanned complexion, brown (or bottle blonde) hair, brown eyes – You can pretty much wear whatever you want.
Shop the Look:
Jonathan Saunders Sherrand printed cotton-twill dress, $1325, Net-A-Porter
Herve Leger contrast-neck dress, $1450, Neiman Marcus
Gucci Tasseled crepe dress, $1520, Net-A-Porter
Tory Burch Abagail Silk Habutai dress, about $362, Nordstrom


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