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May 2012

Hope’s How-To: Determine Your Horizontal Body Type

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Ladies, grab your full-length mirrors. Determining your horizontal body type is one of the best things you can do that will help you assess your body shape, embrace your curves, and dress your best. In addition to a mirror, I’d also suggest having a ruler on hand to figure out how your hip-line matches up with your bust line.

There are six horizontal body types, so take note. I created some helpful drawings that will help you visualize each body type and put it in perspective with your own body.


Think Audrey Hepburn.

  • Rectangle body shapes have a bust-line and hip-line that are about the same width, with very little waist definition
  • This body shape usually has slender or thin legs and arms
  • More than likely, rectangle body shapes fall into the balanced body or long legs, short torso vertical body category

Oval or Diamond Shape

Think Reese Witherspoon.

  • Oval body shapes are also referred to as “apple” shape
  • This body shape has an overall round appearance, especially around the waist
  • Oval body shapes usually have very little waist definition
  • Ovals typically have large, low stomachs and “love handles”
  • Oval body shapes usually have wide hips and fuller bottom half

Triangle or Pear Shape

Think Jennifer Lopez.

  • Pear shaped figures have a full bust-line that is proportionally more narrow than their full hip-line, combined with a well-defined waist
  • Typically, a pear shaped figure has narrow shoulders
  • People with a pear shape usually have fuller thighs and bottoms
  • Pear shaped figures fall into the balanced body or short legs, long torso vertical body type

Inverted Triangle

Think Dolly Parton.

  • Inverted triangle figures have a proportionally large bust, broad shoulders, or combination of the two
  • If you’re an inverted triangle figure, you likely have narrow hips and a well-defined waist
  • You fall into the long legs, short torso vertical body shape

Hourglass Figure

Think Joan on Mad Men, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor.

  • The hourglass figure features a hip-line and bust-line that are about the same width
  • Hourglass figures typically have a very well-defined waist
  • More than likely, the hourglass figure falls into the balanced body vertical body shape

Determining your horizontal body shape is the first part to correctly styling your shape, and dressing to accentuate your body. Every soul has a body, and while we’re all different shapes and sizes, each one of us is a unique creation — and that’s something to celebrate!

Choose clothing and accessories that flatter your shape. And remember, what you wear can only do so much for how you feel about your body image. How you feel about who you are starts on the inside; you’ve got to have confidence in who you are!



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