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September 2016

5 Fall Container Gardening Ideas for Your Patio

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The transition from Summer to Fall can be difficult to navigate for even the most advanced gardeners, and it seems like at this time every fall season we find it easier to purchase pre-made containers filled with fall blooms or even just basic potted mums.

In looking for some autumn garden inspiration, I came across some beautiful and unique fall container gardens that would suit our home — especially while we’re fortunate enough to be experiencing some warmer temperatures! Take a look at my latest gardening pins over on my Pinterest, and check out these five fall container gardening ideas for your own patio!

1. Not your traditional fall planter. Featuring all the deep shades of autumn, this fall container garden is both unexpected and absolutely lovely. Filled with Purple Pixie® Loropetalum, ‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina,, ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum, and ‘Alabama Sunset’ Coleus, this planter is one that would get compliments at any door.


fall container gardening

img src southernlivingplants


2. Tall and slender. This unique container doesn’t take up a whole lot of horizontal room, which I love — ideally suited for smaller patio areas or apartment living. While most people view yellow blooms (pictured below is thunbergia ‘Susie Orange with Eye’) as a sure sign of spring, the warm hue works well and stands out against the rest of the darker plants like pennisetum glaucum ‘Purpple Majesty’ (ornamental millet), iresine ‘Purple Lady’, alternanthera ‘Purple Knight’.

fall container gardening

img src gardendesign.com


3. Warming up wicker. While most of us look to Fall as the season for putting away patio furniture, if you’ve got a wicker side table, try using it as a stand for your fall container gardening! While potato vine wouldn’t thrive in our climate, homes in the south could certainly enjoy a vibrant fall container filled with the cascading vine, croton, and large gal mums.

fall container gardening

img src southernliving


4. Colourful kale and cabbage. Definitely not comes to mind when I think fall container gardening, ornamental cabbage (brassica hybrid) and kale are a very interesting way to fill a planter for fall! Both hearty and eye-catching, you can usually find ornamental cabbage and kale in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. Add some common ivy and you’ve got a beautiful fall container.

fall container gardening

img src OMGLifestyleBlog


5. Grasses and mums. Ah, the traditional fall planter. When it comes to fall container gardening, you really can’t go wrong with a variety of grasses and fall mums. Try incorporating grasses in a variety of heights, colours, and texture into your fall planter, and complement with brightly-coloured mums. The beauty of using grasses in your outdoor autumn decorating is that grasses quite often last right into the winter season.

fall container gardening

img src thegardenglove


6. Dark and moody. If you’re not a fan of colour and prefer to keep your outdoor decorating low-key, this striking fall foliage planter may be a combination that could work for you. I love the monotone mood of purple millet, black mondo grass, and sweet potato vine.

fall container gardening

img src gardenista

If you’re looking for more fall gardening inspiration, be sure to follow along on my Pinterest!



September 2016

5 Fall Flowers for Your Garden

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There’s certainly (hopefully) still some warm weather to enjoy before we’re full-blown into Fall, especially if our ferns, hydragneas, and rose bushes are any indication. That being said, Wes and I have been putting some thought into Fall flowers and considering what we’d like to incorporate into our yard in the future.

I’ve been pinning some great Fall flower gardening options over on my Pinterest, and I’ve got to say, the options for flowers in a Fall garden are endless! There are so many varieties of blooms out there. We’re already planning ahead what perennials we want to get growing for next year. In the meantime, here are 5 Fall flowers for your garden:


1. Aster. Ah, the aster flower. In hues like purple, white, pink, and even blue, asters provides excellent colour to stand out in your Fall garden, long after other blooms have died off for the year. While they look similar to mums, don’t be deceived. Asters don’t come in as many varieties or colours as mums.

5 fall flowers for your garden asters

img src prariemoon.com


2. Colchicums. Beautiful, bold, and bright, colchicums (like the Waterlily variety pictured below) provide a lovely spread of blooms throughout the Fall. Available in white and pink hues, colchicums are a great perennial to plant and enjoy year after year.

5 fall flowers for your garden colchicum flowers

img src Brecks Bulbs


3. Sedum. These flowers are a sure sign to me that autumn is in the air. I can remember sedum flowers growing in my Mum’s garden when I was a child. This perennial features clusters and clusters of flowers, most commonly in a reddish pink colour. Sedums are a beautiful Fall flower!

5 fall flowers for your garden sedum flowers

img src Fine Gardening Magazine


4. Helenium. How cheerful are these daisy-like flowers?! Heleniums look like a happy flower. Featuring velvety petals and available in a variety of autumnal shades, heleniums boom very late Summer and they love sun.

5 fall flowers for your garden helenium

img src Jacky Parker Floral Art Flickr


5. Mums. Chrysanthemums are probably the quintessential Fall flower. Available almost everywhere, fall mums are a classic flower to add some colour to your yard throughout the autumn months. Mums are beautiful, bright, and hardy.

5 fall flowers for your garden mums

img src thriftydecorchick.blogspot.sg

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Fall garden, head on over to my Pinterest page and follow along!